With a leading focus on inclusive feminism, our company mission is twofold:

1) By centering the work of diverse women+ and the LGBTQIA+ community, we offer artistic opportunities to underrepresented voices.

2) In reflecting Northampton’s best qualities, we wish to add to our city’s stature as a cultural hub and arts destination. We do that by bringing the highest level of artistic excellence to our region through our summer mainstage productions, and year-round classes and programming.


We aim to offer plays written, produced, directed by, and featuring diverse women+ and LGBTQIA+ folks as a driving ethos, and not as a part-time concession.

Our ultimate goal is to fill each summer with several mainstage productions, including a children’s production, and to offer year-round classes and programming that will benefit the community in terms of both artistry and social justice. We intend to stand as a preeminent example of inclusivity and awareness in our field.